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    I have the pro version. Upon uploading a products via the Product Feed, I get a couple of errors from Google –

    1) (CRITICAL) Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three attributes [GTIN, brand, mpn]
    We have all custom products. It seems that if the MPN – Enable Box is UN-Checked, you should include this in each product-

    2) (CRITICAL) Missing ‘shipping weight’ attribute.
    Because we use FedEX Ship Setting that required weight, this attribute is required. Seems easy enough to put the
    <g:shipping_weight>3 kg</g:shipping_weight> attribute. Probably would not hurt to add these –
    <g:shipping_length>20 in</g:shipping_length>
    <g:shipping_width>12 in</g:shipping_width>
    <g:shipping_height>12 in</g:shipping_height>


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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