Wordpress human resource management

  • When it comes to managing the employee of your company/business, you need a robust HR system that can make things easier for you. WP Human Resource Management is such kind of solution that every company or business owner needs. If you are using WordPress for your company website, simply sit back and enjoy the amazing features of WP HRM System.

WordPress Human Resource Management

  • Every company has their own employees who are considered as the human resource or company asset. If you don’t have an automated system in this modern era to manage your human resource, then you are missing out big time! That is why we are introducing WP HRM (WordPress Human Resource Management System) just for you. With WP HRM, you will be able to manage your company HR professionally and overcome the difficulties of traditional office management systems. This is an excellent employee management system that contains many amazing features and advantages that will surely aid you in the processes of human resource within your company/business

Powerful HR Admin Dashboard

  • WP HRM has a dedicated HR Admin Dashboard that gives a bird’s eye view of your overall HR system. You can easily manage the organisational information or your business or company. Employee job information and also their qualifications.

Individual Employee Profiles

  • Your employees get their own employee profiles where they can view their information and edit if needed. Besides that, HR manager and admin can access those profiles from the backend. There are many other features that they get access to.

FREE Leave Management System

  • WP HRM has a default built-in leave management system. With it, you can add multiple leave types, define the working days of your company and also create a holiday list. Most importantly, your employees can submit leave requests and you can manage them easily.

Attendance & Time Management

  • An HR system is not complete with the capability of managing attendance. WP HRM provides this feature by default. You can manage your employee attendance easier than ever. Your employees can check-in and check-out. As an admin, you can view those records and also configure access permission. That enables managing day to day attendance and time with ease. If you want to turn your WordPress site into a full-fledged employee management system, give WP HRM a try and see the magic!


HRM Front-end

Human Resource Management or HRM Frontend is an exclusive extension that makes sure you can access the features of your HRM plugin directly from frontend.

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HRM Loan

WP HRM Loan extension lets you manage the loan that your employees request for. You can approve or deny the requests and also keep track of the things that you have lent to your employees.

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Recruitment (hiring) refers to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organisation.

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Advance Report for Attendance

Attendance report management evaluate the individual or group employees monthly attendance record.

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